Intellectual Legacy

  • March 12, 1999

Dialogue is the only outlet for coexistence.”

It is difficult to be a fanatic diplomat, or an intellectually-minded student, and for this reason Abdul Malik Al-Musabi’s journey was marked by intellectual flexibility, openness to all opinions, and belief in everyone’s right to express themselves without violence or hatred.

Thought and knowledge was not urgent to Abd al-Malik al-Musabi, as with his genesis and religious studies and then his diplomatic roles, he had much to say, which was represented in many books and studies that he published throughout his long journey, lectures and seminars in which he lectured.

The acquisition of knowledge or the pursuit of knowledge at Abdul Malik Al-Musabi began from his childhood, and did not stop until now, and at every practical stage in his life, political and diplomatic practices were to serve his knowledge and human aspirations in the rule of peace and bloodshed.